inner courtyard
Walkway through the inner courtyard

"When I saw this nice bright apartment, I knew I had to live here."
- Arthur, Member

Apply to Live at Oak Street Housing Co-op

The Oak Street Co-op celebrates the diversity of its membership. It is committed to creating a community free from discrimination under the Canadian and Ontario Human Rights Codes.

Application for membership will be based on the following criteria:

  • Commitment to co-op principles and a willingness to participate in the co-op's decision-making and meetings. For example, members are expected to attend members' meetings, serve on committees or the Board of Directors or volunteer to take on other tasks.
  • Demonstrated financial responsibility.
  • Indication of permanency or long-term residency in the co-op.
  • Potential to be a good resident who will maintain co-op property in good condition.
  • Potential to be a good neighbour who will live co-operatively with and respect the rights of others.
  • Positive attitude to living in a community with people of diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Household income and size meet the requirements of the co-op. Members must be able to afford housing charge (rent) or prove that housing charge assistance is available to them. The size of the household must be within the occupancy guidelines.