Snail in a Co-op Garden
Wildlife in the city – a non-member resident of the Co-op

A community garden located behind the Co-op gives those who love to garden an opportunity to grow their own produce.

Step 2 - Proof of income requirements

Follow these guidelines when providing proof of income with your application.

  1. If you are regularly employed, submit, EITHER:
    • a confirmation letter from your employer, stating gross wages and hours, overtime pay for this year, or annual salary, OR
    • three consecutive pay stubs.
    NOTE: T4 slips or income tax returns are not acceptable documentation by themselves.
  2. If you are receiving social assistance, submit, EITHER:
    • a letter from your caseworker or the social agency indicating the size of your family and the amount of benefits you receive.
    NOTE: A photocopy of your benefits cheque is not sufficient documentation by itself.
  3. If you receive a pension, submit, EITHER:
    • a confirmation letter, OR
    • copies of your monthly pension cheques or the slips sent to you with the cheques.
  4. If you are self-employed, submit, EITHER
    • a letter or financial statement from a chartered accountant indicating
      • the net income from your business;
      • total withdrawals from your business as personal salary in the last year, OR
    • a statutory declaration, sworn before a notary public, of your earnings in the last 12 months and projected earnings for the next 12 months. A copy of your last income tax return must accompany this declaration.
  5. If you are irregularly or seasonally employed, submit:
    • your last income tax return and T4 slips as well as a confirmation letter from your current employer (or copies of your unemployment insurance warrant cards) and an estimate of your earnings for the next 12 months.
  6. If you are currently unemployed, submit
    • copies of your unemployment insurance warrant stubs.

Please contact the Co-op office to determine how to verify any form of income not included above.