Committees of the Co-Op

Committee work gives members the opportunity to be directly involved in the management of their housing. As the needs of the Co-op change, so do the committees' structures. The current committees include:


Participation on the Board of Directors is an excellent way to learn about the running of the co-op.

The Board recommends bylaw amendments for approval by the general membership. Board members sign cheques, review monthly financial statements and meet yearly with the Finance Committee and Co-op manager to review the operating budget before it is brought to the General Membership for approval.

If a member's housing charge falls into arrears, the Board meets with that member and attempts to find a solution, while at the same time balancing the co-op's need to operate as a financially viable organization.

Board members must be fair and impartial and willing to devote one or two evenings each month. Elections are held each spring.


The Finance Committee is one of the most vital committees. It meets once a month to oversee the financial management of the co-operative. Some of the functions include assisting in preparing the annual budget, monitoring the co-op's financial position and arrears, and regularly reporting to the Board of Directors and the members.

Member Selection

Where else but in a co-op would you have the opportunity to choose your neighbours? The Member Selection Committee is responsible for interviewing applicants for membership and making their recommendation to the Board of Directors. It also administers the waiting list and works with staff to fill vacancies. The committee also recommends changes or additions to the Member Selection Bylaws.

Members of this committee should enjoy meeting new people and be able to devote one evening each month to a committee meeting plus two or three hours for membership interviews.

Our Home for Life

We all have the right to live out our lives in our own homes with a sufficient degree of comfort and safety. As we age, however, there is some degree of decline in our energy level and physical powers, and that can pose difficulties in being able to live an independent life at home. The Co-op’s “Our Home for Life” Committee explores what is needed to enable Co-op members to be able to live at home for as long as we wish.

Everyone is welcome at our meetings. The issues we deal with affect many people besides the older Co-op members. We usually start our meetings with a light meal to encourage our members to get to know each other, and we would love to have you join us.

Compost Action

The Compost Action Team manages the co-op’s composting programme. They are responsible for ensuring that the co-op’s compost bins are well-maintained. Compost is then used to feed our co-op gardens.


The mandate of the Social/Recreational Committee is to generate co-op and community events that are fun and provide an opportunity for members and neighbours to get to know each other and enjoy their company in a spirit of friendly inclusiveness and comraderie.

With that end in view the committee plans and carries out events on a regular basis. Some of these events are annual activities, such as the Earth Hour Blackout and jamboree, the "Not Mother's Day Brunch", the Committee Appreciation Dinner at the end of the year, the Strawberry extravaganza in June and the Community BBQ late in the summer.

There are events that are marathons. The Gingerbread village building marathon, which is open to both adults and children, takes 10 days and results in a lighted village made entirely of gingerbread, candy and other assorted goodies. This is followed up by a Christmas Eve afternoon tea to which both members of the co-op and the neighbours are invited to enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility before Christmas. It is also an opportunity for those who don't celebrate the season to come together with those who do and enjoy the lighted village in the twilight.

There are monthly games nights in the winter. The children make Easter Eggs for display. There are chili /pub nights. Each year new events occur as the committee and the community evolve. There is always something for everyone.


Member Relations
The Member Relations Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors. The committee is responsible for educating members to promote a healthy, peaceful community, facilitating the arbitration of disputes among members, and working with members to bring about compliance with Co-op by-laws and procedures.

Members of the On-Call Team are appointed by the Board. The Team handles emergencies and other situations when staff are not on site. Team members are paid a small honorarium for their duties.