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According to a July 2006 Statistics Canada report, the average Canadian spends 12 days per year commuting to and from work. Imagine how much time you would save if you lived, and worked, downtown.

Step 7 - Occupancy Costs

Before receiving keys and moving into your unit, you must sign an "Occupancy Agreement" and arrange for the following payments:

  1. Membership Fee. Each adult must pay a one-time lifetime membership fee of $10.
  2. First month's housing charge: The housing charge less the $100 allocation deposit is due prior to moving in.
  3. Member deposit: The member deposit is due prior to occupancy. This deposit is equal to one month's housing charge plus a $200 deposit for members paying market-housing charge. For example, if your monthly housing charge for a one-bedroom apartment is $793 at the market price, your Member deposit will be $993. For members receiving housing charge assistance, the deposit is equal to one month's housing charge plus $100.

    If necessary, members may sign an agreement with the co-op to pay the member deposit in instalments during the first six months of occupancy. Members receiving housing charge assistance may negotiate a period of up to one year for payment of the deposit.

    The member deposit is NOT the same as "last month's rent" common in commercial housing. Example: If you move out on July 31, you must pay July's housing charge. A final unit inspection is done after you move out. If the unit is clean and in good repair, the full member deposit will be returned to you. If cleaning or repairs need to be done, the co-op will deduct the cost of this work from your deposit. Any remaining amount will be returned to you.