Entrance to the apartment building
Entrance to the apartment building

"I live in a village within a big city."

-Ri├ža, Member

Step 4 - Application Decision

The Member Selection Committee meets once a month to discuss whether the interviewed applicants meet the criteria set out in the Member Selection By-law. The Committee then makes its recommendation to the Board of Directors. After the Board makes its decision, a letter will be sent to applicants informing them of their acceptance or rejection for membership.

If you need to move right away:

If you have been selected for membership and you need to move before the next meeting of the Member Selection Committee and the Board of Directors and if a suitable unit is available, the following process will be followed.

Staff will prepare a confidential report based on information provided on your application and comments made by the interview team. This report, with the interview team's recommendation, is sent to the Member Selection Committee and the Board of Directors. They will contact staff within two business days to give their vote in favour or against the team's recommendation. Staff will then call you with the result.