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Housing Charges

Housing Charge in a co-op is equivalent to rent in commercial housing. Member housing charges pay the mortgage, property taxes, capital expenses and operating costs. Because the co-op is a not-for-profit organization, housing charges tend to be lower than rents in similar commercial units.

Basic cable television service is included in the housing charge. Members pay for utilities. The utility costs in the chart include heating and are estimated on equal billing payments. The estimated cost for townhouses in the chart includes the cost of gas which heats the hot water.

Parking is an additional $55 per month. There is a waiting list for the few enclosed parking spaces available. The cost for these spaces is $67 per month. Bicycle parking is $3 per month, payable for the balance of the fiscal year.

There are 59 one-bedroom apartments, including 17 wheelchair accessible units.

Occupancy guidelines state that there cannot be more than two people per bedroom, and we discourage occupancy of less than one person per bedroom.


Unit Size # of
Bachelor 2 $  722 $2,406 $  40/mo.
One-Bedroom Apartment 59 $ 828 - $ 945 $2,761 - $3,163 $  55/mo.
Two-Bedroom Apartment 30 $1,181 - $1,335 $3,941 - $4,441 $  80/mo.
Two-Bedroom Townhouse 16 $1,229 - $1,272 $4,084 - $4,255 $110/mo.
Three-Bedroom Apartment 9 $1,308- $1,416 $4,373- $4,717 $  90/mo.
Three-Bedroom Townhouse 31 $1,308 - $1,422 $4,373 - $4,717 $135/mo.
Four-Bedroom Apartment 1 $1,422 $4,717 $140/mo.
Four-Bedroom Townhouse 1 $1,562 $5,201 $175/mo.

Housing Charge Assistance (subsidy)

The waiting list for housing charge assistance (subsidy) is closed except for people moving into designated units. Designated units are set aside for people with physical disabilities or people living with HIV/AIDS who require subsidies.

The co-op takes referrals from various agencies for these designated units.

If you are not moving into a designated unit, you must wait for one year before applying for housing charge assistance. If you qualify, your name will be added to the internal waiting list. There is no guarantee that assistance will be available.