A daffodil in a spring garden
A daffodil in a spring garden


A housing co-op is an independent incorporated co-operative association formed for the purpose of providing housing to its members. Ownership of the housing rests with the co-op which leases individual units to its members. A co-op is democratically run by its members on a one member/one vote basis.


Open and voluntary membership:

Co-op housing is open to anyone who can make use of the services provided and is willing to accept the responsibilities of membership. Accessibility is encouraged through the active promotion of membership to the full community.

We are committed to member recruitment practises that are free of discrimination by reason of race, creed, colour, religion, nationality, ancestry, place of origin, native language, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, source of income, or disability of an applicant.

We are committed to working to remove any barriers that would limit accessibility and prevent the fair and equal treatment of all residents.

Democratic control:

Control of each housing co-op rests with the resident members of that co-op. Members have equal voting rights. True democratic control can only be achieved through continuing education of members, full sharing of information and the promotion of opportunities for involvement.

Limited Return:

Housing co-ops are formed for the purpose of providing housing to their members without the opportunity for individual capital gain.

Use of Surplus:

Housing co-ops operate without the purpose of earning a profit. Surpluses arising out of the operations of the co-op are used to meet future costs, to expand the co-op or to extend or improve the common facilities or services to members.

Co-operative Education:

Education of members means effective democratic control and management and is a vehicle for the empowerment of members and personal growth.

Co-operation amongst Co-operatives:

Unity and solidarity are promoted within the co-op housing movement. We are committed to practising co-operation and making links with other types of co-operatives.

Our Aims As Housing Co-Operatives

Meeting Our Members' Common Need For:

  • Affordable housing.
  • Security of tenure.
  • Good quality housing.
  • Safe and secure communities.
  • Control over our housing environment.
  • A sense of belonging.
  • Opportunities for personal development.

Meeting Our Responsibility to the Larger Community:

  • Through involvement in and concern for the quality of life of our immediate neighbourhoods.
  • Through fair employment practises.
  • Through practising environmental responsibility.
  • By upholding principles of social justice in our communities.

lp:July 2002